RRM – Business Improvement and Development

A collection of helpful Business Improvement and Development publications.

  • “The E-Myth [Revisited]. Why Most Small Businesses Do Not Work And What To Do About It.” Michael E. Gerber. Published by Harper Business, 1995. ISBN 0-88730-728-0.
  • “The Hallmarks for Successful Business [Second Edition].” David Hall and Dinah Bennett. Published by Management Books, 2000. ISBN 1-85252-274-7.
  • “In The Company of Heroes – An Insider’s Guide to Entrepreneurs at Work.” David Hall. Published by Kogan Page, 1999. ISBN 0-7494-3060-5.
  • “Leading the Revolution” Gary Hamel. Published by Harvard Business School Press, 2000. ISBN 1-5785-1189-5.
  • “The Genghis Khan Guide To Business – Dynamic Benchmarking [14th edition].” Brian Warnes. Published by Osmosis Publications, 1999. ISBN 0-9509432-0-7.
  • “Gods of Management – The Changing Work Of Organizations.” Charles Handy. Published by Arrow Books, 1995. ISBN 0-09-954841-0.
  • “Making the Most of Your Business.” Tim Atterton and Simon Haslam. Published by National Westminster Bank PLC, UK.
  • “Dynamic Financial Analysis – An Introduction to Financial Dynamics for Smaller Businesses.” Tim Atterton. Produced by Curtin Business School, 2003.
  • “Built To Last: Successful Habits Of Visionary Companies.” Collins and Porras. Published by Random House Business Books, 2000. ISBN 0-7126-6968-X.
  • “Customer is King – How To Exceed Their Expectations.” Robert Craven. Published by Virgin Business Guides. ISBN 0-7535-0688-2.
  • “Good to Great.” Published by Randon House Business , 2001. ISBN 0-7126-7609-0.
  • “Doing the Business – Boost Your Company’s Fortunes.” David Hall. Published by Virgin Books Ltd, 2002. ISBN 0-7535-0680-7.
  • “Built To Last : Successful Habits Of Visionary Companies.” Jim Collins and Gerry Porras. Published by Random House Business Books, 2000 (originally published in 1995). ISBN 0-7126-6968-X.
  • “Beyond Certainty” Charles Handy. Published by Hutchinson. 1995.
  • “Small business: an entrepreneur’s business plan” J D Ryan and Gail Hiduke. 5th Edition. Published by Harcourt College. 2002.