Welcome to the Australasian Institute of Business and Enterprise Facilitators Inc. (AIBEF). The AIBEF is the Peak Body for Business and Enterprise Facilitation and Facilitators with members drawn from many diverse industries within Australia and New Zealand.

The AIBEF was founded in 1997 as a result of the recommendations of the Industry Task Force on Leadership and Management Skills. In their report, entitled Enterprising Nation, the taskforce recommended that: “…. a comprehensive accreditation process be established for small business trainers, educators, counsellors, mentors and advisers so as to upgrade the quality of small business advice.”

The AIBEF was largely the vision of Dr John Bailey who became the first President of the Association and now a Life Member.

To establish the high standard of skills required for enterprise facilitation, Members of the AIBEF are required to undertake a training course in small business counselling and related business skills and complete over two hundred hours of structured counselling sessions.

A comprehensive accreditation process is in place to ensure that business owner/managers are being provided with a consistent and easy method of identifying suitably skilled trainers, educators, counsellors, mentors, advisers, and facilitators.

What unites our members is the common theme that they are all involved (in some manner) in the facilitation of assisting individuals, groups and/or communities develop, start and/or grow their business and enterprise initiatives.

Who Can Be A Member?: Virtually any professional, qualified person or organisation involved in assisting entrepreneurs, organisations, or communities improve their Skills; Knowledge; Business; Staff; and/or Life.

Look for the AIBEF Accreditation with your Facilitator, and you know that you have a fully-accredited, experienced Professional who is a qualified and recognised expert in their industry.


                     Travel an issue? Budget tight? No one to bounce ideas off? Have a professional face-to-face       conversation with one of our Facilitators without having to leave your desk!

AIBEF members have a wide and diverse range of business experience from working in  corporate settings as well as running their own small businesses. All Facilitators are accredited, experienced professionals, highly skilled and highly qualified.

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