Graeme Cotton

Graeme Cotton.jpg

A dynamic and effective leader with more than 20 years of general management experience working with not-for-profit organisations, small businesses, and local government, Graeme has a proven track record of increasing market share and profitability while reducing costs. His expertise includes creating strategic business plans, to take advantage of market trends.

A target driven professional and logical thinker Graeme can successfully create strategic business plans, develop policies, manage finances, analyse market trends, and manage through complexity. Possessing substantial and successful experience of various sectors, Graeme can confidently work within any changing environment where all answers may not be known up front.

His greatest strengths match those most essential to organisational transformation

• Developing teams to ensure that time is used effectively and productively.

• Expertise in developing profitable partnerships and forging strategic alliances.

• Proficiency in identifying untapped markets and business opportunities.

• Excellent communication skills and the ability to effectively liaise with stakeholders of all levels.

Which is important as CEO of BGC requires:

1. Strategic Collaboration with Key Partners within LM community

2. Assisting Incubators in identifying and capatalizing on opportunities

3. Experience and success in small business, and with NFP’s

4. Looking to support and nurture LM small businesses whether startups, or establishing businesses

5. BGC looking to expand and deliver to cater for the demand for incubators