As you could all most agree, Face-2-Face Networking is a very useful tool in promoting your business as well as your own, personal, identity.

Most cities have a number of different Networking Events and Groups to choose from. By attending those that appeal to you most, you can soon see what groups are going to work for you. You could be looking for connections with other business owners to help promote your venture; you could also be looking for mentors and others in the same industry as more of Support Network or Bran storming activity.

Regardless of your Networking-Motivation, the KEYS are to:

A) Show up regularly and partake in the meeting/s – no point leaning up against a wall with your arms crossed waiting for people to approach you

B) Present yourself in a way you would like others to perceive you

C) Return the favour! If you are expecting those you network with you to help you promote and refer your business to others, do the same for them.

D) ALWAYS monitor the $ you spend and time you invest in each different networking event/meeting you attend. If you are getting profitable leads and the support you need to really grow your business, then you are on a winner.