Betty Zsoldos Master of Business & Enterprise Facilitation

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Master Coach & NLP-Master-practitioner (Coach) Training material developer

“Nothing changes you better than the questions asked of yourself.”

I have always been interested in the invisible part of the tip of the iceberg: those mechanisms that work our everyday actions, behaviors, communications…

Being a breadwinner and a mother of 4, I have worked as an English teacher, a global educator, a personal development trainer and a coach for 20 years. I have traveled a lot in and outside Europe, and have come across people from a wide variety of different background, beliefs, ideas, values, attitudes, abilities, pace, skills and intelligence, which had a huge impact on my way of thinking. It has made me conclude that there are no ‘average persons’, nor cut and dried recipes, or tried and tested methods, however, certain patterns do appear regularly. Getting more and more aware of the exclusiveness of every single situation and taking care of the individual’s special needs have led me to understand my roles that vary from time to time to be a coach, a counselor, a facilitator, a listener, a prompter, a tutor, etc. in order to best assist the partner reach their intended goals. Taking a closer look on the nature of barriers delaying goals, working out a better and faster way to get to the destination excited me most. This professional history of mine, my husband’s early death, the challenges of my four daughters’ upbringing and my original curiosity drove me into passionate studies of various communicational and personal developmental methods. The range is wide on the following fields: psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), System-thinking, Moving- and Dancing Therapy, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Human Rights, Sustainability, Development Education, BUSINESS & Life COACHING and Mentoring.